MLB Free Agent Landing Predictions? Beat the Monkey!

OK, where will all these players end up?  I used to try and make predictions- but they never ended up accurate at all.  I also have a pet monkey named Spike.  So now I just let him draw a player name and  team.  He has been fairly accurate matching up his combo of selections.  But then again, some of his selections seem almost absurd.   Anyway, he just lives with the results and goes about his business waiting for Spring Training like the rest of us.  See if you can beat the monkey.

How we do it- I put the names of 12 MLB free agents into an otherwise empty 40 oz McDonalds plastic cup .  The player names are fairly randum names of FA's, although we try to concentrate on players who will have a choice of a few different clubs.  Then I put the names of all the MLB teams in another 40 oz McDonalds cup.  Spike pulls a player name out and then pulls out a team name.  Those are his matches.  The player name and team name is then discarded. So there is only a chance that a team can sign only one of these players.   Then the picks continue until we have 12 players and teams. 


Spike's Picks-

1. Bobby Abreu- Tampa Bay

2. Garret Anderson- Colorado

3. MIlton Bradley- Boston

4.  Joe Crede- Los Angeles Angels

5. Ryan Dempster- New York Yankees

6. Rafael Furcal- Cincinnati

7. Ken Griffey Jr.- New York Mets

8. Trevor Hoffman- Washington

9. Randy Johnson- Texas

10. Derek Lowe- Cleveland

11. CC Sabathia- Florida

12. Mark Prior- St. Louis

There you have it.  Some picks are long shots but that's the way it goes in these sorts of things.

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