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Top Ten Rushing Defenses

This week offers one of the tougher start/sit decisions for the RBs facing the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens head to New Jersey to face the New York Giants. Can any Giants' RB be expected to produce against a defense that has not allowed more than 76 rushing yards in any game this season? Is there is enough yards to be split amongst the three Giants? I answer no and would sit Brandon Jacobs and company while consider starting WR Plaxico Burress as the Giants will need to move the ball through the air.

San Diego Chargers RB LaDainian Tomlinson may find himself struggling once again to accummulate stats worthy of the #1 overall pick. The Steelers have one of the best defenses in the NFL, and their offense will face one of the worst passing defenses in San Diego. A couple quick scores through the air will put the Chargers in passing mode. LT is a part of the passing game, but 100+ yard rushing efforts is what made him #1 overall.

Top Ten Rushing Defenses:

Rank Team RYA Vs
1 Baltimore 62 @NYG
2 Minnesota 63 @TB
3 NY Jets 63.3 @NE
4 San Francisco 65.7 STL
4 New England 65.7 NYJ
6 Pittsburgh 68.3 SD
7 Washington 74.3 DAL
8 Chicago 76 @GB
9 San Diego 85 @PIT
10 Miami 86.3 OAK