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AL Cy Young: Cleveland Indian Cliff Lee

So far the Fake Team's votes have called the winners of the AL & NL ROY and the NL Cy Young. Additionally, we have called the top four finishers in the AL ROY and top three in the NL Cy Young. For the NL ROY, we named the top two with Jair Jurrjens taking third with the BBWAA and Joey Votto with the Fake Teams' voters.

Let's see how well we predicted the Al Cy Young winner. With Angels' closer Francisco Rodgriguez setting the MLB record for saves in a season, I can see him working his way into the Top 3 just as FT's voters predict. I am worried that Jon Lester could upset our apple cart and finish third. I know I voted him there.

AL Cy Young Results:

Rank Player Team Total
1 Cliff Lee Cleveland Indians 156
2 Roy Halladay Toronto Blue Jays 115
3 Francisco Rodriguez Los Angeles Angels 69
4 Jon Lester Boston Red Sox 63
5 Daisuke Matsuzaka Boston Red Sox 29
6 Mike Mussina New York Yankees 25
7 A.J. Burnett Toronto Blue Jays 17
8 Joe Saunders Los Angeles Angels 14
9 Joe Nathan Minnesota Twins 12