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MLB Trade Rumors: You are Kevin Towers

There were reports today that the Atlanta Braves, the frontrunners in the Jake Peavy sweepstakes, are getting a bit antsy with Kevin Towers. Frankly, so am I. What is Towers waiting for?? Does he know that the GMs can start making offers to the other starting pitchers on the market this Friday? I am sure he does.

So, let's discuss his options:

1. Atlanta Braves-they apparently have offered talented SS Yunel Escobar, OF prospect Gorkys Hernandez, and a young arm-one of Charlie Morton or Jo Jo White....remember him (guard with the Celtics teams in the 70's)...errr Jo Jo Reyes.

2. Chicago Cubs- their offer starts with 3B prospect Josh Vitters, but they don't have the pitching prospects to complete the deal, so they are looking to a 3rd team to get involved. The question is who?? The next question is why? What would the 3rd team get out of the deal?? The 3rd team would give up the pitching prospects, and get what in return??? Could the Angels get involved if Adrian Gonzalez is included in the deal with the Angels giving up one or two of their young pitchers?? How about the Phillies in exchange for Brian Giles? He would come cheap.

3. Los Angeles Dodgers-its possible. Joe Torre has been quoted as saying that he wants an ace starting pitcher, Peavy fits that role. LA has enough prospects starting with SS prospect Ivan Dejesus Jr., pitching prospect James McDonald who performed well in the NLCS, AA OFer Andrew Lambo who some compare to James Loney with power. The Dodgers certainly could come up with a package of prospects that would have quantity and quality.

What offer makes more sense for a rebuilding Padres team looking to cut salary in half?