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Quarterbacks To Watch: Kyle Orton, Joe Flacco, Tyler Thigpen

Over the past three weeks, Chiefs' QB Tyler Thigpen has completed 64.7% of his passes for 710 yards, 6 TDs and 0 INT.  KC faces the lousy Saints passing defense next, and Larry Johnson is coming back so the Chiefs won't have any running game.   He's a legitimate fantasy starter this week.
Ravens' QB Joe Flacco looks like possible fantasy replacement for Tyler Thigpen, but he's not as good.  (Imagine how ridiculous that statement would've sounded at your fantasy draft.)  Flacco has completed 57.8% of his passes for 573 yards, 5 TDs and 0 INT in his last three games.  Those stats aren't too bad, but his next two games are against the Giants and Eagles.  Stay away from Flacco for now despite his recent improvement.
Bears' QB Kyle Orton may play this week against the Packers coming off a bad ankle sprain suffered in Week 9.  He has a tough matchup against the 3rd-rated Packers' passing defense and he faces them again in the last game of the season.  But in-between those two games the Bears will go up against the Rams, Vikings, Jaguars and Saints.  All four of those teams are in the bottom half of the league in pass defense.