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NL Cy Young: San Francisco Giant Tim Lincecum

The Fake Teams-voted Cy Young winner for 2008 is San Frnacisco Giant Tim Lincecum. With striekouts being so important in fantasy baseball, this is not too surprising. While Brandon Webb's 22 Wins is impressive, the long-time fantasy baseball owner has learned about the fickleness of the stat.

I would be surprised if the BBWAA didn't agree with Tim lincecum. I am more curious to see how the rest of the ballot shakes out. Outside of Webb, the other candidates were missing the Wins, NL service time or p.r. necessary to mount serious candidacies.

NL Cy Young Results:

Rank Player Team Total
1 Tim Lincecum San Francisco Giants 170
2 Brandon Webb Arizona Cardinals 117
3 Johan Santana New York Mets 112
4 C.C. Sabathia Milwaukee Brewers 89
5 Cole Hamels Philadelphia Phillies 27
6 Brad Lidge Philadelphia Phillies 22
7 Ryan Dempster Chicago Cubs 13
8 Chad Billingsley Los Angeles Dodgers 11