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Fantasy Football Thoughts on Week 10

- The Texans are getting killed by their inability to run the ball. Their leading rusher this week was Eagles' castoff Ryan Moats (7 rushes, 34 yards).  Seriously, they couldn't come up with anybody else than that?
- Saints' WR Lance Moore has a TD in two consecutive games.  Next opponent...Kansas City.  Fantastic.
- Seattle's WR Koren Robinson also has a TD in two consecutive games. Next opponent...Arizona.  Also fantastic.
- The Falcons have allowed the sixth fewest points in the entire NFC this season.  Unfortunately for them, two of the five better teams are in the NFC South with them.
- Things That Separate Fantasy Football Owners From Regular Fans:  The Jets scored 47 points, but you're pissed off because Brett Favre only had 167 yards passing.  Fantasy-wise, he was outplayed this week by Seneca Wallace. 
- We can officially declare Laurence Maroney a bust now, right?
- And Marshawn Lynch is in the bust on-deck circle.  Lynch doesn't have a 100 rushing yard game this season.  He hasn't topped 70 yards since Week 3.
- In the past four weeks Gus Frerotte has nine interceptions. He's also won three of those games.   Hmmm.
- Jake Delhomme's 72 yard, 1 TD, 4 INT "adventure" on Sunday (against the Raiders!) is the type of disaster that will keep fantasy teams across the country juuuust out of the playoffs.  In standard scoring leagues, that's a total of -2 fantasy points.   Many of you already knew that.
- Chiefs' RB Jamaal Charles went down with an injury on his first carry of the game.  There you go.  I wonder who started him in the Fake Teams Reader League?  Oh, that's right, me.  Damn.
- I touted QB Ben Roethlisberger as a major breakout star this season -- I was wrong, he's playing like crap and it's killing my fantasy team. With games left against the Chargers, Patriots, Titans and Ravens, the rest of the season won't be much better.