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Rookie of the Year: Evan Longoria and Geovanny Soto

The American League and National League Rookies-of-the-Year will be announced later today.  Before that occurs, here are the results of the voting by Fake Teams readers.

The winner in the AL is Evan Longoria of the Tampa Bay Rays and the NL winner is Geovanny Soto of the Chicago Cubs.  Neither is a surprise, and both won handily over the competiton.

What will be interesting to see how how different the Faketeams results are further down the ballot.

American League ROY Results:

Rank Player Team Total
1 Evan Longoria Tampa Bay Rays 132
2 Alexei Ramirez Chicago White Sox 74
3 Jacoby Ellsbury Boston Red Sox 61
4 Mike Aviles Kansas City Royals 30
5 Joba Chamberlain New York Yankees 28
6 Chris Davis Texas Rangers 23
7 Brad Ziegler Oakland A's 18
8 Armando Galaragga Detroit Tigers 15
9 Denard Span Minnesota Twins 14
10 Nick Blackburn Minnesota Twins 13

National League ROY Results:

Rank Player Team Total
1 Geovanny Soto Chicago Cubs 130
2 Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds 79
3 Jay Bruce Cincinnati Reds 49
4 Hiroki Kuroda Los Angeles Dodgers 47
5 Jair Jurrjens Atlanta Braves 46
6 Kosuke Fukudome Chicago Cubs 23
7 Johnny Cueto Cincinnati Reds 22
8 Blake DeWitt Los Angeles Dodgers 10
9 Jorge Campillo Atlant Braves 10
10 John Lannan Washington Nationals 8