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MLB Trade Rumors: The New York Yankees Want To Sign Manny Ramirez

Despite what I believe would be a mistake in organizational need, the NY Post reports Hank Steinbrenner confirming what George A. King reported earlier this week. The Yankees are interested in the services of OF/DH Manny Ramirez.

However, Li'l Stein's quotes are exactly ringing with eagerness:

"There's nothing we are not looking at, and, personally, I like Manny. He's one of the greatest hitters in the history of the game. He's a free spirit for sure, but he knows how to win. We like some of the other guys, too. We just don't know yet."

At the cost and committment needed to sign Manny, the organization will be making a mistake without additional efforts to add Carlos Gomez-esque range to CF (#1 in Range Factor and Zone Rating amongst qualified CFs per and the certainty that Jorge Posada will be able to catch and throw out potential base stealers at non-Josh Bardian rates( 17.1% CS for Jorge v. 15.9% for Bard in 2008.)

Both conditions become more harried if the Yankees sign a 1B long-term. Where does Posada go if the running games of the AL East turn every walk, infield hit and single into a potential 2B? With $39MM remaining, Jorge would be shunted to DH leaving Manny to be Manny in the OF and Hideki Matsui on the bench.

I just don't see a smart decision by the Yankees organization involving the addition of Manny Ramirez. Unfortunately, I can see burning building like smoke signals of a bad decision.