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Top Ten Rush Defenses: Sit Clinton Portis?

When I see a list of the toughest defenses, I immediately begin to think which RBs have to sit. Some become very obvious and easy to sit like Jamaal Lewis of Cleveland and Kolby Smith of Kansas City, and some are obvious but much harder to sit.

At the head of that list is Washington Redskin RB Clinton Portis. He is working on a five-game streak of 125+ yards rushing. No one would even consider sitting him, but the Pittsburgh Steelers defense should make one econsider.

While the focus of the Steelers' season has been the health status of QB Ben Roethlisberger and the frequency that he ends up sacked or hurried, it has been the defense that has allowed the Steelrs to remain one of the top teams in the NFL. It is ranked in the Top five in RYA (2nd) and PYA (4th) over the past three games and 3rd and 1st respectively over the entire 2008 season. This doesn't bode well for a Redskins' team that been able to move the ball (7th in YPC) without scoring TDs (tied for 16th with such illustrious offenses like the San Francisco 49ers and Miami Dolphins).

Don't be surprised to see Clinton Portis turn in his worst game of the season on Monday night, and the Redskins lose Monday Night against one of the quietest Top 5 defenses in the league.

Other potential sits:

Houston Texan Steve Slaton, St. Louis Ram Antonio Pittman

Top Ten Rush Defenses:

Rank Team RYA Vs
1 Baltimore 64.7 @CLE
2 Pittsburgh 68.3 @WAS
3 Minnesota 69.3 HOU
4 Tampa Bay 71 @KC
5 Washington 78.3 PIT
6 Buffalo 82.3 NYJ
7 San Francisco 84.7 BYE
8 Indianapolis 88.3 NE
9 Arizona 90 @STL
10 NY Giants 91.3 DAL