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Hang On To Mewelde Moore

Steelers' RB Willie Parker had a full practice this week, so all signs point to him getting the start and fill-in RB Mewelde Moore going back to the bench.
Don't dump Moore off just yet though.
Moore has been a machine since he started, with rushing yardage totals of 99, 120 and 84 yards in his past three games.  He also has four TDs (three rushing, one receiving) over that span and he's averaging 5.0 yds per carry for the season.  There is no reason for the Steelers to rush Parker back, Moore is doing just fine.
Willie Parker had a great season going too before suffering a sprained knee back in Week 3.  If that sounds strange to you, you're not alone.  It's taken six weeks to heal a sprained knee?  That seems odd to me.  I have a feeling there might be more to that injury than the Steelers have been letting on.  I don't have anything to back that up, just a feeling.
Considering that Parker's success is based on his speed (they call him "Fast Willie" for a reason), any type of knee injury is cause for concern.  Parker might be back to his old self, but there's enough suspicion about the injury to think that he might not.  Mewelde Moore should see some time this week (I doubt they'll give Parker 25 carries his first game back) and may be back as the starter once again.  Maybe very soon.  If you have Moore on your roster, hang on to him.