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Week Five Answers: Minnesota Vikings 30 New Orleans Saints 27

Q: Can QB Gus Frerotte pile-up impressive passing yards without WRs Bernard Berrian and Sidney Rice (or with less than 100% Berrian/Rice)?

A: Fortunately, Gus Frerotte was not left to pile-up passing yards without Berian and Rice. Berrian was active and produced the fantasy game eveyone wants - 100+ yards and a TD.

Q: Will the Saints be able to win through the air while they get pounded on the ground?

A: No, and the Saints completely, totally, absolutely shut down the Vikings running game. Adrian Peterson rushed 21 times for 32 yards, and Chester Taylor garnered eight yards on three carries. Too bad the Saints turned the ball overfour times.

Player To Trade: RB Reggie Bush. He has turned into a legitimate 1st round PPR talent. How did you come up with that value? Ask yourself if you would trade him for the top WR in the game. That WR went/goes in the 1st round.