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Week Five Answers: New England Patriots 30 San Francisco 49ers 21

Q: Did the bye allow WR Randy Moss and QB Matt Cassel to develop some chemistry?

A: When I saw Randy Moss had a TD score half way through the first quarter, I quickly answered this question in the affrimative. Then I look at the play-by-play and saw the Patriots and 49ers switched possession three times each already and began hedging my answer. I can't believe everything is all right with Randy Moss if Matt Cassel waited until the Patriots third possession before targeting Moss.

Q: Can RB Frank Gore do what RBs Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams did to the Pats rush defense (200+ yards)?

A: No, but, in fairness to Gore, the 49ers barely had the ball (20:08 minutes).

Fantasy Player To Trade: WR Wes Welker. When Tom Brady went down, there was a serious question whether Welker would retain the 100+ catch pace that pushed him into the 3rd/4th rounds of PPR drafts. With recpetions of 6,7,6 and 8 in the first four games, that question no longer lingers.