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Week Five Answers: Buffalo Bills 17 Arizona Cardinals 41

Q: Will the Bills avoid a shoot out on the road, and, if there is one, how does QB Trent Edwards do?

A: The Bills got into a shootout but were unable to hold up their end of the contest.  That is what I expected.  However, I was really interested in seeing how QB trent Edwards handleda game like this.  He left very early in the game and was replaced by J.P. Losman who proceded to hit WR Lee Evans for an 87-yard TD.

Q: Will WR Steve Breaston effectively replace WR Anquan Boldin?

A: Breaston caught seven passes for 77 yards, so the answer is "yes".  Would Boldin have had more yardage?  maybe, but he wouldn't have had too many more receptions than seven.

Player To Trade:  WR Lee Evans.  His YPC is a gaudy 27.0, and he is the Bills top WR.  Given his draft value (5th round), he can likely get an upgrade at RB.