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Week Five Answers: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 13 Denver Broncos 16

Q: Does QB Brian Griese exploit the weak Denver pass defense or do RBs Earnest Graham and Warrick Dunn exploit the weak Denver rush defense?

A: The latter, I think. The Buccaneers rushed 22 times for 139 yards. Despite this success, the Buc threw 36 times. While the team's QBs, Brian Griese and Jeff Garcia, completed 26 of those passes, the YPA was a mere 4.7. The YPC when rushing the ball was 6.3. Why were the Bucs runnng more? I'm sure Jon Gruden has an excuse, but, without a W, it is insufficient.

Q: Will head coach Mike Shannahan alter his game plans if the Broncos passing game struggles?

A: That is hard to tell, but I can relate that fantasy owners are beginning to wonder if Mike Shannahan has become aware of the popularity of his receiving corps in fantasy circles and decided to begin messing with those players. Brnadon Stokley with six receptions and a TD? Brandon marshall with 3 and 25? Five completions to his RBs?

Fantasy Player To Trade: RB Earnest Graham. Unless Warrick Dunn gets hurt, Graham is in a RBBC that is splitting a lot closer to 50/50 than one would think given each player's age and 2007 production. (77 touches for graham. 66 for Dunn)