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Week Five Answers: Indianapolis Colts 31 Houston Texans 27

Q: Will QB Peyton Manning be Peyton Manning?

A: His team was down 27-10 in the 4th quarter to the sort of lowly Texans.  He led them back with a huge assist from Sage Rosenfels, but I can't help worrying the Colts whould never have been down so many points if Peyton were Peyton.

Q: Does QB Matt Schaub follow-up last week's 300 yard/3 TD effort with another similar effort?

A: Schaub was a late scratch.  He was replaced by Sage Rosenfels who almost enflamed the QB controversary as he was leading the Texans towards a victory with a 27-17 lead with 4:04 remaining.  Then Sage fumbled twice and threw an inception to help the Colts to an improbable victory.

Fantasy Player To Trade:  WR Marvin Harrison.  He may have a big game in him, but he is clearly third behind WR Reggie Wayne and TE Dallas Clark.  He is what he is now - a 3-4 catch, 40 yards WR