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Week Five Answers: Tennessee Titans 13 Baltimore Ravens 10

Q: Can the Titans be the first team in 2008 to rush for 100 yards as a team against the Ravens, and, if it does, will that equal a victory?

A: No, but even keeping the Titans' rushing attack to 47 yards was more than enough for the Titans to beat the Ravens. Despite rookie RB Chris Johnson's acceptable efforts last week against a good Minnesota Vikings run defense, he was unable to do much of anything against an even better Ravens defense. At one point, he had 32 yards on eight carries. He finished with 18 and 44.

Q: Does RB Le'Ron McClain continue to produce now that he is a known fantasy football commodity?

A: Yes, and, in a season where RBs have not been calamitously injured, McClain's 50 yards and a TD makes him one of the best non-drafted RBs of the year. So far.

Fantasy Player To Trade: RB Willis McGahee. While this smacks of selling low, I suspect his overall performance will remain in the 50/50 split at RB.