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Week Five Answers: Seattle Seahawks 6 New York Giants 44

Q: How well does QB Matt Hasselbeck do with real NFL WRs Bobby Engram and Deoin Jackson?

A: He completed just 11 of 21 passes for 105 yards before being replaced after 3 quarters and a 37-6 deficit. I had been really impressed by what Hasselbeck had managed to do without NFL talent at WR. Normally, I'd offer an excuse about not having the work with Engram and Branch to develop timing, but that seems like a straw-grasping exercise given Hasselbeck's experience.

Q: How well does QB Eli Manning do without an above-average WR?

A: Holy crap! Watching Manning yesterday, I could really see the genetic connection to his brother Peyton begin to shine. Effortless seems like the best way to describe it. Domenik Hixon goes for 100+ yards in the first half after accumulating just 92 career receiving yards. Overall, Manning had 267 yards in just three quarters as he also sat the 4th quarter.

Fantasy Player To Trade: RB Julius Jones. He has established himself as a 4th round value. With a better receiving contingent, Jones will remain the 2nd option in the Seahawks offense behind passing.