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Week Five Answers: San Diego Chargers 10 Miami Dolphins 17

Q: Can RB Ladainian Tomlinson dispel all notions that he is no longer the best RB in fantasy football?

A: No. His toe injury was aggravated in the loss to the Dolphins. With just 35 yards, LT's perceived value is heavily dependent on his past performance. In his defense (and aren't all LT fans making this kind of excuse?), the Chargers barely had the ball (23:19). However (and every LT defense has one of these), the game was within reach the entire time so abandoning the run was not necessary.

Q: How does RB Ronnie Brown follow-up his 5 TD Week Three effort?

A: Like any Miami Dolphins/Ronnie Brown fan hoped he would! 24 carries for 125 yards and a TD. Even more impressive were the wide receivers who caught 16 of Chad Pennington's 22 completions after entering the game having caught fewer than 50% of them.

Fantasy Player To Trade: QB Philip River. He has thrown 11 TDs, but looks to be coming back to Earth some. He has tossed just one TD in each of the past two games. With the crap that populates the lower half of the QB pool, Rivers should still garner 4th round value.