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Week Five Answers: Atlanta Falcons 27 Green Bay Packers 24

Q: Is RB Michael Turner a poor road performer or just a RB who can't get things going against good rush defenses?

A: The latter. What shocks me is the mainstream fantasy media was all over Turner as a poor road performer without considering the quality of defense he faced. His performance was acceptable in all formats, but the lack of receptions handicaps him in PPR formats when he faces the better rush defenses.

Q: Will RB Ryan Grant carry the offense without QB Aaron Rodgers?

A: The is unaswerable and Aaron Rodgers got the start and threw for 300+ and 3 TDs to lead the Green Bay packers' near comeback. Grant did have his best game of the year, though. Whehter 83 yards against the Atlanta Falcons defense is enough is another story.

Fantasy Player To Trade: WR Roddy White. Coming off his third consectuive 90+ yard receving game, there is little doubt that his 2007 was for real. He was likely drafted in the 5th round and now should get 3rd round value.