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Week Five Answers: Chicago Bears 34 Detroit Lions 7

Q: Will the Bears rush the ball well enough to protect the passing game?

A: QB Kyle Orton threw for 334 yards and two TDs so apparently the 36 yards each Matt Forte and Kevin Jones rushed for was enough. For whatever it is worth, Orton has played well enough that he is a viable option in weeks that fantasy teams' two QBs are unavailable. This was his third consecutive week with at least two TD passes.

Q: Coming off the bye, can the Lions be effective on offense (RBs Rudi Johnson and Kevin Smith, QB Jon Kitna and WRs Calvin Johnson and Roy Williams)?

A: As emphatically as I can say, "Hell freakin' no!" I would still understate how ineffective this offense is. It can neither run nor pass, and whoever is doing either cannot do it well. And that hurts as I am an University of Connecticut alumni and a proud owner of a Dan Orlovsky Detroit Lions' jersey. For reasons unexplainable by talent on paper, WRs Calvin Johnson and Roy Williams are unable to elevate the passing game.

Fantasy Player To Trade: WR Calvin Johnson. He remains elite, but his offense cannot support his talent.