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Start Or Sit: Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

Just as the Philadelphia Eagles kept people on pins and needles awaiting the start/sit decision on RB Brian Westbrook, this week the Green Bay Packers are doing the same thing with QB Aaron Rodgers, and, to an extent, the Cincinnati Bengals are doing it with QB Carson Palmer. In both cases, the back-up QB is bad enough to dimish the value of the entire offense.

We already know what Bengal's QB Ryan Fitzpatrick can do to the production of WRs T.J. Houshmandzadeh and Chad Johnson along with RB Chris Perry. Can Green Bay Packers' QB Matt Flynn keep WR Greg Jennings in elite company? No. Can he be effective enough to keep the the opposing defense from stacking the line to stop an already-struggling Ryan Grant?

More important, what does a fantasy footballer do if he has Aaron Rodgers or Carson Palmer, and his 2nd QB is on bye? Does he gamble and hope each will start? What if the options are Gus Frerotte, Kyle Orton, Kerry Collins or Brian Griese?

Unlike the Westbrook decision, the alternative QB will produce stats. Are any of them likely to go for 250+ yards and 2+ Tds? No (and if yours is, then start him). But each will likely throw for 150-200 yards with a TD. In this case, it is safer to get that production than be stuck with either QB being active but 2nd string or being pulled early in the game.

FWIW, Brian Westbrook practiced on Friday, and I'd start him.