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The Top Ten Rush Defenses

Poor Deuce McAllister. He is handed the rushing portion of starting RB job for the New Orleans Saints and gets to run into the Minnesota Vikings. Hopefully, no one is counting on Deuce to win their fantasy game this week. This one smells like last week's Rashard Mendenhall verus Baltimore match-up - 15 carries for 40 yards.

If you don't wonder what was real and what was not following Ronnie Brown's 5 TD Week three effort, then you don't play fantasy football. The Miami Dolphins face a stout San Diego Chargers rush defense without the aid of a keep'em-honest receivng corps. How Ronnie Brown does against the Chargers is going to make or break many fantasy teams excitement.

The New York Giants and Seattle Seahawks face-off in New Jersye with opposing top ten rush defenses. Both teams lack multiple receiving weapons, and the Giants prefer to run. Will WR Plaxico Burress' absence lead to the Giants being upset coming out of their bye? Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeck gets two NFL wide receivers to throw to for the first time this season. This smells like an upset.

The Ten Best Rush Defenses:

Rank Team RYA Vs
1 Minnesota 49.3 @NO
2 Philadelphia 59.7 WAS
3 Baltimore 71 TEN
4 Washington 71.7 @PHI
5 Pittsburgh 73.7 @JAX
6 Seattle 77.5 @NYG
7 Miami 80 SD
8 NY Jets 84.3 BYE
9 NY Giants 85 SEA
10 San Diego 86 @MIA