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Benching Terrell Owens

As much as it pains me to do it, I finally have to make the move.  I'm benching Terrell Owens in my fantasy league this week.
There's just no way around it, Brad Johnson is not throwing the ball well.  He should be, but he's simply not.  The past two weeks Johnson has thrown for fewer yards than Joe Flacco.  Fewer than JT O'Sullivan and O'Sullivan was benched at halftime last week.  Don't even dream of comparing Johnson's stats to such quarterbacking luminaries as JaMarcus Russell and Dan Orlovsky!  Ho-ho!
Two weeks ago, new WR Roy Williams went catchless for the first time in his career.  The Cowboys are so frantic about their lack of passing offense that they're rushing back TE Jason Witten even though he has a rib injury.  With the Cowboys playing the Giants this week it would be a rough time for Dallas offensive players even if Tony Romo were taking snaps.  With Brad Johnson running the offense, forget it.
I can't trust him.
Instead of starting TO, I'm slotting in Texans' WR Kevin Walter.  Yes, I realize I'm replacing a "Top 5" fantasy WR for the WR2 of a team with a losing record.   Matt Schaub has been on fire lately (he already has more TDs than he had all last season) and their matchup with the Vikings is a pretty good one.  Walter has the same number of TD catches as Owens with one fewer reception.   Statistically, it's not THAT crazy of a move, but it still makes me nervous.
Where have you gone Tony Romo?  A fantasy nation turns its lonely eyes to you...