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Watch Out For Brandon Lloyd

Bears' WR Brandon Lloyd says he might be ready to play on Sunday, or he might not.  If he plays (and you probably won't know until gametime) he makes a great sleeper option if you need a WR3 or flex player.  Lloyd had six catches for 124 yards and a touchdown in Week 3 against the Bucs before he went down with a knee injury the following week. 

The Bears play Detroit this week, so any Chicago receiver is a possible breakout option. Most importantly, with Lloyd being out for the past four weeks, he's probably still floating around your league waiver pool.

If Lloyd doesn't play this week, then it's time to plan ahead.  He'll probably be the WR1 on a team that is currently in the Top 10 in the league in passing yards.  How many times does a guy like that come around the waiver wire?  Think long term.  He'll have tough games against the Titans (4th in pass defense) and the Packers (6th) but after that it's boom time against the Rams, Vikings, Jaguars and Saints (all currently ranked 20th or lower).  

Brandon Lloyd has the potential -- potential! -- to be a monster WR for the last six games of the season.  Start thinking about that now.