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The Top 10 Pass Defenses

The most interesting match-up amongst the teams ranked in the top 10 for Passing Yards Against is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Denver Broncos game. The Broncos passing game is soooo good, head coach Mike Shannahan refused to run against the mushy Kansas City rush defense last week. Even scarier for the Broncos, the Bucs ranked 13th in rushing yards allowed.

QB Jay Cutler, WRs Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal along with TE Steve Scheffler have been too good so far to sit. But do not be surprised to see them lay an egg and cost you your match-up this week.

Another intriguing match-up has the 4-0 Buffalo Bills travelling to the desert to face the prolific passing game of the Arizona Cardinals minus WR Anquan Boldin. Last week against the New York Jets, the Cardinals showed they will keep passing no matter what. However, the Bills rush defense is 21st over the last week weeks. RB Edgerrin James could have a solid game, but my money is being laid on the Cards passing the ball and letting QB Kurt Warner win or lose the game again.

The Ten Best Pass Defenses:

Rank Team PYA Vs
1 Baltimore 132 TEN
2 Cleveland 142.7 BYE
3 Indianapolis 143 @HOU
4 Carolina 159 KC
5 Pittsburgh 163.3 @JAX
6 Buffalo 169 @ARI
7 Tampa Bay 176.3 @DEN
8 Cincinnati 178 @DAL
9 Oakland 183.7 BYE
9 Tennessee 183.7 @BAL