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Top Ten Pass Defenses: Green Bay Packers V Tennessee Titans

The Green Bay Packers have the third best PYA over the last the games, and one shouldn't expect that to change too much after this week's game against the Tennessee Titans. The Titans' passing game is led by QB Kerry Collins and a bunch of players who line-up as wide receivers. Where the Titans are strong is at RB with rookie Chris Johnson and LenDale White. Unfortunately, the Packers are as bad at stopping the run as they are at preventing the pass.

While one would expect Johnson and White to get theirs, the Packers will have to hope QB Aaron Rodgers can continue to carry the team despite a tender right shoulder. The Titans PYA is Top 10, but it is nearly 200 yards. One can easily imagine Rodgers throwing for 240 yards and a couple/three scores.

With the Titans coming off a big Monday night win over the Indianapolis Colts, will 200+ yards and a couple TDs be enough for the Green Bay Packers to escape with a road win in this potential let down game for Tennessee?

Top Ten Pass Defenses:

Rank Team PYA Vs
1 Tampa Bay 139 @KC
2 Washington 158.3 PIT
3 Green Bay 162.3 @TEN
4 Pittsburgh 167.3 @WAS
5 NY Jets 189.7 @BUF
6 Denver 192 MIA
7 Dallas 194.7 @NYG
8 Indianapolis 196 NE
9 Tennessee 196.7 GB
10 Cleveland 205.7 BAL