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MLB Trade Rumors: Did Jake Peavy's Chance To Become A Yankee Just Improve?

The New York Yankees just got some positive news from Jake Peavy's agent.  In the midst of speaking about the big payday C.C. Sabathia is about the receive, Peavy's agent Barry Axelrod said this:

“It's not that far of a stretch to say this is a free-agent situation, and, if there is a guy like Sabathia out there, we would have to look at what any given team is going to pay Sabathia, because he and Jake won the Cy Young award in the same year, and we're going to put Jake on the same plane as this guy.”


“Jake signed an under-market deal with San Diego because he wanted to stay in San Diego. It was worth it for Jake to take less.”

That smells a lot like negotiating an extension as a condition of waiving Peavy's no-trade clause, doesn't it?

Assuming this benefits the Yankees to the exclusion of other deep-pocketed clubs is somewhat presumptious, but the Yankees do have a middle infielder with legitmate offensive skills in Robinson Cano, a CF to spare in Brett Gardner or Melky Cabrera and a major-league ready starting pitcher like Ian Kennedy that would be very attractive to the Padres.