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Can Anybody Stop The Dolphins?

Yeah, I'm joking a little bit.  It's strange to be extolling the offensive virtues of a team that's last in their division, but the Miami Dolphins have become a legtimate source for last-minute bye week replacements.  
Let me get the running game out of the way first.  The Dolphins running game stinks right now. Ronnie Brown is a talented runner, but he's been outgained by his opposing RB in each of the past three games.  While those three opposing RBs (Steve Slaton, Willis McGahee and Marshawn Lynch) are pretty good, they've only averaged 75 yards a game each.  The Miami defense has done a good job of stuffing opponents, and Brown still can't top 75 yards a week.  You can take a shot on Ricky Williams if you're so inclined, but good luck to you.
No, the fantasy value in Miami rests with the receivers.  WR Ted Ginn will be the big waiver wire target after his 175 yard game yesterday, but he's just the latest Dolphin to break out.   He runs back kicks as well, if your league scores for that.

WR Greg Camarillo has become Pennington's top target, his 21 receptions in the month of October rank him seventh in the league.  He should be on a roster in every fantasy league, if he's not go put him on yours.

Keep on eye on TE Anthony Fasano as well -- he pulled in his third TD yesterday tying him for second in the league among tight ends.  He isn't targeted often, but when he is targeted he's usually standing in the end zone.  
Now neither of these guys are what you'd call fantasy studs.  If you're wondering why I'm talking about mid-level guys like these, it's heavily driven by the upcoming schedule.  The Dolphins' next three games are against Denver (who was obliterated by Matt Cassel, four words you won't see together very often), the terrible Seattle Seahawks, and Oakland.   Those are three very big passing games for Pennington, and Ginn, Camarillio and Fasano should have solid weeks.  In fact, I'd go as far to say that one of them will break out each week.  I don't know which one it wil be on a given week, but it's safe to assume somebody will be rolling up significant yardage the next few games.