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Derek Anderson Is Still Not Good

The Browns beat the Jaguars this week and now some people are saying that Derek Anderson is back. 

He's not.  He's still not good.  I wouldn't start him on my fantasy team and here's why:
Completion percentage.   He's still not completing passes.  
Forget that his TD ration has improved lately. Yes, in his last three games he has 4 TDs and 0 INTs, which is good.  Not great (he's only averaging 230 yds/gm over that span) but good.  The problem is that over that "improved" three game span, he's only completed 49.5% of his passes, which is the same rate he was completing them during his "bad" games!   He finished yesterday's win with 246 yards, but 60% of those yards came courtesy of three deep 40+ yard completions.   For the rest of the game he had 99 yards.  I love the bomb as much as the next football fan, but you can't count on that from the Browns.  You can't count on Anderson to deliver that week in and week out for your fantasy team.  This isn't Kurt Warner.  This is a guy who looks to me -- eight weeks into the season -- looks like Cinderella at 12:10 am.
The Browns next opponent is the Ravens, a team that absolutely abused Anderson (125 pass yds, 3 INT, 37.8 completion pct) in Week 3.  Derek Anderson may still become a solid fantasy starting QB, but it doesn't look like it will be this week.