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MLB Trade Rumors: New York Yankees, Baltimore Orioles & Florida Marlins

Sunday's New York Post contained plenty of information on what the New York Yankees will do in the upcoming Hot Stove action.  George A. King III casts some gloom over the Yankees' wish list by asserting the Yanks will have to throw serious cash at C.C. Sabathia in order to buy him away from his preferred locations.  This is not breaking news.

What was more worrisome was his report that A.J. Burnett won't be bought either.  I'm sorry.  He "will shy away from the Bronx."  This leaves the Yanks free agent fishing amongst the injury-prone (Ben Sheets), the old (Derek Lowe and Ryan Dempster) and the inconsistent (Oliver Perez).

This isn't the worst news relayed by King.  He mongers this rumor.  Baltimore Orioles' owner Peter Angelos is considering going after Maryland native Burnett and fellow Marylander Mark Teixeira - another free agent who fits nicely with a hole in the Yankees line-up.

While a bidding war between the Orioles and Yankees will delight the two ball players and their agents, it will hurt to Yankees more to lose it.  See the team has already been passed by the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays in the AL East.  The Baltimore Orioles have three top prospects ready to contribute at the major league level in 2009/10 - C Matt Wieters and SPs Chris Tillman and Brian Matusz.  Add in Burnett and Teixeira, and the Orioles will pass the Yankees.

In other MLB rumor news, the Florida Marlins and trying to deal 1B Mike Jacobs because the organization believes Gaby Sanchez is ready to take over.  Plus Sanchez isn't arbitration eligible.  Fake Teams readers are familiar with Sanchez

I place this trade rumos in the more likely to happen category because Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald writes:  

The Marlins...wanted to deal Jacobs to Kansas City, but the deal died last week because of a medical issue involving the minor-league pitcher that Florida would have received. The Marlins also spoke to Toronto and San Francisco about Jacobs.

A consummated trade but for a medical issue involving a minor leaguer?  That is as close to a guarantee as one will receive this off-season.