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Ten Worst Pass Defenses

Over its past three games, the Atlanta Falcons have the worst pass defense by yards allowed. At 4-2, I was shocked to see that. A closer look shows the Falcons consistently allowed 280-300 yards in each game. With Donovan McNabb and the Philadelphia Eagles up next, expect that streak to continue.

The New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs face off in a game of poor PYAs. What will be interesting is to see whether the KC QB will be able to take advantage of the Jets' pass defense when forced to throw because the Jets run defense should shut down RBs Kolby Smith and Jamaal Charles.

For the Jets, does QB Brett Favre take advantage of the poor Chiefs pass defense or does RB Thomas Jones turn in a 3rd consectutive quality game against a porous Chief rush defense? The options for the Jets seem balanced. Expect the Jets to run successfully while Brett Favre has a 200-yard/1-2 TD game.

Ten Worst Pass Defenses:

Rank Team PYA Vs
32 Atlanta 293.3 @PHI
31 Detroit 279.7 WAS
30 Arizona 262.7 @CAR
29 Jacksonville 261.7 CLE
28 Seattle 258 SF
27 Houston 252.7 CIN
26 NY Jets 248.3 KC
25 Miami 243.3 BUF
24 Chicago 238.7 BYE
23 Kansas City 237 @NYJ