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The Collapse of the Kansas City Chiefs

I don't have any animosity against the Chiefs. I don't hate them, they're not the enemy of my favorite team.  But let me tell you, this team is a complete disaster right now so I'm going to say some unpleasant things about them.

At QB, write off both Brody Croyle and Damon Huard, as both of them are now lost for the season.  The new starting QB is Tyler Thigpen.   (Seriously, was Chad Pennington really asking that much?)

At RB, Larry Johnson is being benched for the second game in the row while the NFL decides whether or not they want to suspend him.  He apparently spit on a woman in a nightclub repeatedly earlier this year, the fourth case of assault against a woman in five years.  LJ either hangs around with the wrong crowd or he has some issues he needs to get help with.  Either way, a multiple-game suspension from the league is not out of the question.  The new starter is a two-headed monster of 2nd year man Kolby Smith and rookie Jamaal Charles.  I like Charles' long term potential, but I wouldn't go with either one this week unless there isn't anybody else available.  I mean NOBODY else.

As far as fantasy stalwarts Tony Gonzalez and Dwayne Bowe...forget them too.  Yeah, they might hook up with Thigpen on a long pass play but odds are they won't.   Throw away their blowout over the horrible Broncos and the Chiefs are averaging 8.4 points a game.  The Jets defense is far better than the Broncos.  It will be hard to bench Bowe or Gonzo, especially on a big bye week like this one, but it's something owners need to do.