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Week Seven Answers: The Final Six Games

Here are the answers to the last six games games along with a Sell High Fantasy Player.

Detroit Lions 21 Houston Texans 28

Q: Will QB Dan Orlovsky be productive without two quality WRs?
265 yards and a 96-yard TD certainly looks productive.  However, he completed just 12 passes in 25 attempts.  The YPA of 10.6 is great, but the game is no longer played with QBs who complete 50% of their passes.

As long as Orlovsky depends on Calvin Johnson, very few fantasy owenrs will be upset.  Whether that sentiment is shared by Lions fans and ownership is a different story.

Q: Can the Texans' skills players produce as one would expect against a putrid Lions' defense?
RB Steve Slaton: 80 yards rushing and a TD.  WR Andre Johnson: 141 yards on 11 receptions. TE Owen Daniels: 6/66 and two TDs.  QB Matt Schaub: 267 yards and 2 TDs.

Fantasy Player To Sell High:  Rb Steve Slaton.  He is a, I didn't want to offer him.

NY Jets 13 Oakland Raiders 16

Q: How does RB Thomas Jones follow-up last week's 3 TD effort?
With no TDs, one could be disappointed.  However, Jones rushed for 159 yards.  In most leagues, that is more than enough.

Q: Does a viable fantasy option at WR begin to emerge?
WR Javon Walker had a nice day with 5 catches for 75 yards and a TD.  While I hoped for a younger WR to step-up, there is no use ignoring Walker's efforts.  Now the question is how consistent QB JaMarcus Russell can be.

Fantasy Player To Sell High: RB Thomas Jones.  Coming off his best TD game of the year and his best yardage one, now you may be able to realize thrid round value.

Indianapolis Colts 14 Green Bay Packers 34

Q: How does RB Domick Rhodes do against a poor Packers' rush defense?
Very nicely.  He scored two TDS.  Who'd have guessed Rhodes would rush for two TDs and the Colts wouldn't get anything else on offense?

Q: Will WR Marvin Harrison follow-up last week's excellent effort to re-establish his WR2 bone fides?
No.  Harrison is done as a viable fantays WR.

Fantasy Player To Sell High:  RB Dominick Rhodes.  With more than half the regular fantasy season done, teams may want to pay for one win at a time.

Cleveland Browns 11 Washington Redskins 14

Q: Which Cleveland offense shows-up, the one from last week or (puke) the one from the first four games of the season?
All those Derek Anderson owners can re-cut him.

Q: If RB Clinton Portis is "off", can the Redskins pass against a very under-rated Browns pass defense?
Clinton Portis was ON.  He is the top RB in the NFL this season, and the reason drafting high in the first round is more over-rated than (pick your ideological opponent's favorite political figure.)

Fantasy Player To Sell High:  Pick a Cleveland Brown.

Seattle Seahawks 10 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20

Q: Does QB Seneca Wallace do enough to keep a glimmer of Seahawks' play-off aspiration alive?
Another QB with fewer than 100 yards passing?  All the Seahwaks have left is the hope QB Matt Hasselbeck returns and the fact the teams plays in the weak NFC West.

Q: Can RB Earnest Graham produce as a #1 RB against a poor Seattle rush defense?
23 carries for 52 yards.  The carries is #1 RB.  The yardage is RBBC.  I want to believe Graham can be the back he was last season.  I just don't see it this season.

Fantasy Player To Sell High:  WR Antonio Bryant.  If you can get a Jonathan Stewart, do it.  What if this season is like all the other Bryant seasons?
Denver Broncos 7 New England Patriots 41

Q: Over the past three games, the Patriots' defense has been in the bottom third in rushing and passing, which Denver Broncos will benefit?
None.  They sucked.

Q: The Broncos have one of the worst rush defenses.  Will any Patriots' RB be able to take advantage?
A: OMG yes!  Sammie Morris 138 yards in a half.  Benjarvus Green-Ellis had 65 in the other one.  A freakin' embarassment would understate the Broncos rush defense.

Fantasy Player To Sell High:  Can you sell any Broncos' players high?