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Week Seven Answers: San Francisco 49ers 17 NY Giants 29

Q: Can the 49ers attack the Giants' secondary the same way the Browns did on Monday night?

A: No, but I really didn't expect the 49ers to be able to do so. QB J.T. O'Sullivan doesn't have the offensive line to prevent the Giants' front seven from pressuring him. Throw-in the obligatory INT or two from JTO,and the final score was not surprising.

With head coach Mike Nolan out the door, you have to expect the new coach to force a heavy dose of RB Frank Gore. Eleven carries? That is an indictment by itself. True, JTO turned the ball over three times and put it on the ground another three times, but why not take the ball out of JTO's hands and into Gore's?

Q: How does WR Steve Smith follow-up last week's nine catch effort?

A: QB Eli Manning completed just 16 passes, but 25% of those went to the other Steve Smith. At some point, the New York Giants will need to transition from Amani Toomer to another WR. Smith looks like the first in line waiting for the vet to pass on.

Fantasy Player To Sell High: WR Plaxico Burress. He catches TD passes from Eli, but I can't help wondering if his act wears thin before Toomer's ability does.