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Fantasy Football Thoughts on Week 7

- The Bills defense has only allowed one running back to gain over 57 rushing yards this season, that was Steven Jackson with 110 yards in Week 4.  That list of stuffed RBs includes Fred Taylor, Maurice Jones-Drew, Edgerrin James, Julius Jones and now LaDanian Tomlinson (14 rushes for 41 yards yesterday).   Next week's victim opponent is Ronnie Brown, so beware if you're planning to start him.
- You can blame Brad Johnson all you want for the Cowboys' offense woes -- and as a T.O. owner, I personally blame him a lot -- but it wasn't Johnson's fault that Steven Jackson ran for 160 yards and 3 TDs yesterday.  The Dallas offense was a mess, but they have even more problems on defense with Roy Williams (the safety, not the WR) out for the rest of the season with a broken arm.  They face the solid-though-not-overwhelming Bucs next and then travel to the Meadowlands to face Brandon Jacobs and the Giants. Gulp.
- The top four leaders in passing yardage this week (obviously not including Monday Night) were Jeff Garcia, Gus Frerotte, Chad Pennington and Kyle Orton.  Huh.  Believe it or not, all of them are legitimate bye week starters, especially in leagues that don't penalize for passing interceptions.
- Don't panic: Reggie Bush's injury isn't going to have that much of an effect on Drew Brees.  When Bush was out the final four games of last season, Brees averaged 312 passing yards per game.  Nobody is the weapon that Bush is, but as long as McAllister, Thomas and Stecker are healthy, the Saints have plenty of options.  When that Panthers defense clicks though, they are really something else.  They face Arizona next week, so you may want to look for another option if you're planning on starting Kurt Warner. 
- Hey!  An Ahman Green sighting!  The Texans gave him nearly as many carries (14) as they gave Steve Slaton (17), which isn't a good sign for Slaton owners.  The Texans have this inexplicable love affair with Ahman Green.  It isn't healthy for the Texans or for your fantasy team.
- I was planning to write up how the Titans' undefeated record is misleading, since they beaten six straight teams with losing records (combined record: 12-26).  But the rest of their schedule includes the Texans, Lions, Jets and Browns.  And two games against the reeling Colts.  The toughest matchups are the Packers and Steelers, which means there isn't a game on their schedule they can't win.  Anybody think Kerry Collins will be benched for VY anytime soon?   Me neither. 

- More Titans info: K Rob Bironas is one of only five kickers without a miss (FG or XP) this season.  Despite the fact that the Titans aren't an offensive powerhouse, Bironas is tied for fifth in league in extra points with 17.   Tennessee has only kicked 10 field goals so far, but that's because they haven't played anybody who could stop them.  Bironas should be called on to kick more often in the second half of the season.