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Week Seven Answers: Pittsburgh Steelers 38 Cincinnati Bengals 10

Q: How well does RB Mewelde Moore follow-up his 99-yard effort?

A: I admit to having been impressed by Moore's efforts two weeks ago. But I never thought he'd have the day he had - 120 yards rushing with two TDs and five receptiosn and another TD. The question going forward is whether Moore's efforts gain him regular work once Fast Willie Parker returns.

Q: Who is the #1 RB?

A: Late Sunday morning, news broke that Cedric Benson was the new #1. I felt a change was about to occur because RB Chris Perry was given 90+ carries and could manage just 2.6 YPC. Benson was relatively effective in his new role gaining 52 yards on 3.7 YPC along with a reception for ten more yards.

Fantasy Player To Sell High: WR Chad Johnson. This advise may be seven weeks too late, but his eight receptions and a TD may have recovered some of his value. You know, syncing with the new QB and all. A DeAngelo Williams-type would be a great pick-up.