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Week Seven Answers: San Diego Chargers 14 Buffalo Bills 23

Q: Will Ladainian Tomlinson final...oh, how about something new? Can WR Vincent Jackson follow-up last week's 150+ yard effort with another #1WR quality game?

A: No, WR Vincent Jackson can't have consectutive #1WR production games. However, he did catch a TD pass and ran for 31 more yards. In a typical PPR yardage league, VJax contributed 17 points.

FWIW, RB Ladainian Tomlinson is still disappointing. His 77 total yards were less than Vincent Jackson's 73. And LT didn't score.

Q: Can QB Trent Edwards recover sufficiently from his concussion to not skip a beat?

A: Yes, he certainly can. 25-for-30 is great work. 261 yards with a TD and no turnovers is all Edwards needs to do to insure the Buffalo Bills win the AFC East. Edwards has played his way to par with Washington Redskins' QB Jason Campbell.

I have some concerns about the lack of dominating offensive performances, but that is a bridge to cross during the Bills' 1st two-score deficit when the season is on the line.

Fantasy Player To Sell High: WR Vincent Jackson - assuming you can get 4th round value.