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2008 MVP, Cy Young & ROY Ballots

For those baseball fans whose teams did not make the play-offs, there is little to do in the first three weeks of October except debate who will win the MVP, CY Young and Rookie of the Year awards.  Here is the opportunity to add your $0.02.

Here are is a ballot for each of the awards:

  1. AL & NL MVP
  2. AL & NL Cy Young
  3. AL & NL Rookie of the Year

 Use whatever criteria you believe valid to determine your choices.  Does the winner of the MVP or CY Young need to be on a play-off team?  Is the MVP the best with the best stats regardless of his teams' performance?  Should play-off teams without legitmate contenders for either MVP or CY Young be rewarded for their great season by favoring its rookies?