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Start Or Sit: Washington Redskins RB Clinton Portis

Every week, there is a player whose injury status has fantasy teams wondering whether the sit or start him.  Recently, Philadelphia Eagles RB Brian Westbrook caused such consternation.  Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers did and will continue to do so as long as he does not throw between games.

This week Dallas Cowboys' QB Tony Romo was queuing up to be that player.  Fortunately, the Cowboys decided publicly on Saturday that Romo will not start.  Every fantasy owner conflicted by the Romo sit/start question can move forward with Option B.

Now the big start/sit issue is Washington Redskins' RB Clinton Portis.  Because of an injury-filedd 2006 season, Portis found himself amongst the second tier of RBs in 2008 drafts.  [Definition of RB 2nd tier:  The RBs taken after the first QB (Tom Brady) or WR (Randy Moss).]

With a new hindsight perspective, Clinton Portis has proven to be the top RB of the 2008 season (most rushing yards, 2nd highest TD total).  As such, no one wants to sit him if he is going to play.  With a hip injury that limited his practice all week, fantasy owners need to decide:  Do I start Portis if he is less than 100%?

As long as Portis is active, and given the Redskins reliance on him, I start him.  The team will not risk additional injury on their offensive bulwark if he couldn't play.  With RB Ladell Betts out, there really isn't a second option anyhow.

Expect the Washington Redskins and Clinton Portis to do whatever it is NFL teams and players do to make it through three hours of work on Sunday.