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The Bottom Of The Barrel

There are currently several NFL teams that provide pretty much nothing on the fantasy football front.  Instead of focusing on who is the 3rd WR in New Orleans or the backup RB for the Redskins, take some time to comb over those no-name teams.  The season is still young and a lot will change.  Here are a few guys I like:
- Has there ever been a 5-0 team with less fantasy football value than this year's Tennessee Titans?  Blech.  Their leading receiver is TE Bo Scaife with 226 rec yds and there's no reason to believe that will change any time soon.  Scaife might be available in your league (which says all you need to know about the Titans offense) and you can use him now.  Plus, if Vince Young does get the starting job back, he's still likely (arguably MORE likely) to throw to Scaife.
- Baltimore's Joe Flacco is terrible.  OK, that's a bit severe, he's not really terrible, he's just playing terribly right now.  His stats so far (1 TD / 7 INT) are enough to make anybody drop him, but don't say "Nevermore" to him just yet.  His completion percentage of 62.5% isn't all that bad -- it's actually better than Rivers, Delhomme, Schaub or Ryan -- which tells me that he's doing the fundamental things (except for throwing to the right team) correctly.   He needs a solid running game to take the pressure off and a good game to build confidence, but Flacco should finish with a solid second half.  In larger leagues where you have to scrape for a second or third QB, he's going to be a legitimate option if you can stomach the wait.
- The Detroit Lions are bad.  Now they've lost Jon Kitna for the year with an injury and Roy Williams was traded to Dallas.  That makes them more bad...uh, badder...words fail me at their level of badness.  So who's left in the Motor City?  Say hello to TE Michael Gaines.  New QB Dan Orlovsky needs a safe outlet receiver (as well as some runway lights along the back of the end zone) and I think Gaines is going to be that guy.  Consider WR Mike Furrey (remember him?) as well -- with Williams gone Furrey is most likely to take his position as WR2.  
- Eventually, the Mike Martz offense is going to click in San Francisco.  With the next four games coming against the Giants (a secondary that was lit up by Cleveland), Seahawks, Cardinals and Rams, "eventually" could be sooner rather than later.  Take a look at WR Arnaz Battle; he already has one 100+ rec yard game this season and seems to be growing more comfortable in the offense.  Somebody has to break out on this offense.