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Week Six Answers: Green Bay Packers 27 Seattle Seahawks 17

Q: Will RB Ryan Grant carry the offensive load?

A: Grant did carry the offensive load with 33 carries. Unfortunately, he couldn't break 100 yards or score a TD. Nor did a catch a pass for the 5th time in six games. He had 30 receptions last season. While his rushing has been poor, it is the complete drop-off in his receiving that is more disappointing.

Q: With RB Maurice Morris back, how far does RB Julius Jones production fall?

A: Not very much, but the Seahawks were so bad, one can't realy tell anything at all. Back-up QB Charlie Frye filled-in for Matt Hasselbeck and attempted 23 passes for a 3.6 YPA. Jones rushed for 3.7 YPC.

At this time, there isn't a single player on the Seattle Seahawks who should be starting. Frye kills what little value Hasselbeck was able to realize from the wide receivers, and the offense will be so bad that none of the RBs can be expected to be productive from a fantasy perspective. I am surprised to have been so prescient about the Seahawks' season.