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MLB Trade Rumors: Jake Peavy

It was reported yesterday that the San Diego Padres are listening to offers for stud right-hander Jake Peavy. With news that the team may be sold, this makes sense, especially after their 99 loss season in 2008.

Peavy started 27 games in 2008, with 19 quality starts, 10 wins, 166 K's in 173 innings, a 2.85 ERA and a 1.18 WHIP.

There are rumors that the Braves will be strong bidders for Peavy's services. The Braves would have to come up with a package of prospects that should make the Johan Santana  deal look like a steal for the Mets, as Peavy has 3 years remaining on the 4-year $52 million contract he signed in the off-season. But, the Braves have the prospects to deal including OFer Jordan Schafer,  OFer Jason Heyward, and SP Tommy Hanson, among others.

The package for the Padres would most likely center around #1 prospect, and 5 tool OFer Jason Heyward. Heyward will more than likely be in most off-season top 10 prospect lists, and probably top 5. The Padres would also want a SP in return, and Hanson would most likely fill that role.

Another team that I think could get into the mix would be the Brewers, who will lose CC Sabathia and Ben Sheets to free agency. The Brewers also have a nice farm system to deal from, and they have the money to take on Peavy's reasonable contract.

A 3rd team could be the Cubs, especially after losing in the 1st round of the playoffs this year. The Cubs could lose SP Ryan Dempster to free agency, and may feel they need an ace like Peavy to solidify a rotation that has injury concers with Carlos Zambrano and Rich Harden.

Are there any other teams that will be interested, and have the talent to deal for Peavy??