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Week Six Answers: Jacksonville Jaguars 24 Denver Broncos 17

Q: With a soft Broncos rush defense, do RBs Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew stop embarassing themselves?

A: Yes. Fred Taylor was injured early, but Maurice Jones-Drew did everything anyone expected of him. He rushed for a 125 yardsa nd two TDs. Too bad he is on bye this week, though. I'd like to see how he follows-up his best game of the season.

Q: How does RB Michael Pittman do as the #1 RB in Denver?

A: When Pittman was named the #1 back, fantasy players thought he'd get a few touches and the remainder would have gone to some unknown runner. Nope. Michael Pittman got all the carries in the backfield. With Ryan Torain expected back soon, the Shannahan shennanigans are only just beginning.