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Week Six Answers: Miami Dolphins 28 Houston Texans 29

Q: Can Ronnie Brown continue?

A: Ronnie Brown scored his 7th rushing TD of the season, but he didn't continue the pace he had in the previous two games.  He had just 13 carries in a game the Dolphins led most of the way, and Ricky Wiliiams had eleven with a score.  This effort was much closer to the ones he had in the first two games than it was to the 3rd and 4th ones.

Q: Over the past three games, the Dolphins' defense ranks in the Top 10 of PYA and RYA.  Does this matter for the Texans offense?

A: Not at all.  The Texan RBs had 23 carries for 99 yards, and QB Matt Schaub threw for 379 yards and drove his team for the winning TD with less than two minutes remaining.