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Week Six Answers: St. Louis Rams 19 Washington Redskins 17

Q: Does any semblence of a passing game appear?

A: Score notwithstanding, QB Marc Bulger did little to differentiate himself statistically from Dan Orlovsky. Without a TD pass, Bulger aspired to be Orlovsky this week! This win will haunt the Redskins in December.

Q: How does WR Santana Moss rebound from his zero-catch Week Five?

A: After a sero-catch week, Santana Moss followed-up with a two-catch effort. Unfortunately, it wasn't a Robert Meachem two-catches-for-87-yards effort. Moss had 22 receiving yards.

Fantasy Player To Watch: WR Donnie Avery. Someone has to catch deep balls. Avery has the speed and has ten receptions in the past three games after none in the first two games