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Week Six Answers: Carolina Panthers 3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27

Q: Can RB DeAngelo Williams have a second consecutive quality game?

A: No.  Williams rushed eleven times for 27 yards and demonstrated why RBBC absolutely suck for fantasy players.  After exploding for 100+ yards and three TDs one week, a RBBC member turns around and does jack squat.  How can anyone depend on the week-to-week efforts?

Q: Will QB Jeff Garcia ignite the offense?

A: 15 of 20 attempts were completed, and Garcia did not turn over the ball.  "Ignite" is too strong a term, but Garcia's efficiency is all the Bucs need when its defense is shutting down the opposing offense.

Fantasy Player To Watch: RB Warrick Dunn.  Despite his age, he has been a major part of the offense.  While I wouldn't bet on another 100+ rushing yard game, I do expect 50 total yards every week.