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Week Six Answers: Oakland Raiders 3 New Orleans Saints 34

Q: Does QB JaMarcus Russell air it out?

A: ....yes?  Russell threw 35 passes, but managed just 13 completions.  Of course, being down 24-3 at the end of three quarters making passing inevitable.  Nevermind, the Raiders were largely ineffective running the ball.  Is Lane Kiffen smiling this morning?

Q: If WR Marques Colston returns, how are the WR touches distributed?

A: While reports had Colston as a likely start, he was inactive.  Amongst the receivers, third-year man Lance Moore caught seven passes, and no one else had more than 3.  Moore looks like the #2 when Colston returns and that seems as safe a prediction as one can make.

Fantasy Player To Watch:  WR Lance Moore.