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Week Six Answers: Detroit Lions 10 Minnesota Vikings 12

Q: Can QB Dan Orlovsky get solid production from WRs Calvin Johnson and Roy Williams?

A: That darn "and"! WR Calvin Johnson had 85 yards and a TD pass from Dan Orlovsky, who did not turn the ball over but only gathered 150 yards passing on 12 of 21 attempts. He would have to have another 75+ yards to get quality production from two WRs.

Whether Orlovsky, or Drew Stanton, is the answer to the Lions longer-term QB problems, one can't tell. However, the Lions should make every effort to find out. Using a top 5 draft choice on a QB next April won't help the team too much in 2009. Expect to see Orlovsky to have the shackles loosend over the next three or four games. A 7.5 YPA makes me think he can do much better.

Q: How much does RB Adrian Peterson rebound from last week's 32-yard disaster?

A: 111 yards qualifies as a "rebound". No TDs and two lost fumbles, though, makes the effort less impressive.

Fantasy Player To Watch: WR Bernard Berrian. Another 100+ yard game and a TD game makes Berrian a solid WR2. Considering where he was drafted (7th round?), he will be part of successful fantasy teams who didn't look to be so successful right after the draft.