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The Ten Best Rush Defenses

Man, this season has been tough for RB Joseph Addai, and now he has to run into a fearsome Baltimore rush defense.  The Ravens haven't allowed more than 73 yards rushing in any game.  I'm glad I was taking Marion barber in the same area others were taking Addai.  He's got to wait another week for a chance at redeming his Top 5 ADP.

The Chicago Bears will get to show the football world that the NFL's leading rusher, michael Turner, cannot effectively run against good defenses.  Turner has been stunning at home and that may be what many pundits concentrate on, but not me.   Turner has to prove his mettle against good defenses.

The Ten Best Rush Defenses:

Rank Team RYA Vs
1 Baltimore 58 @IND
2 Minnesota 59.3 DET
3 Chicago 68 @ATL
4 Pittsburgh 68.7 BYE
5 Miami 69.5 @HOU
6 Washington 72.7 STL
7 NY Jets 74.5 CIN
8 New Orleans 80 OAK
9 NY Giants 88 CLE
10 Carolina 90.7 @TB